How I completely rebuild my server setup.


So, this topic has been on my mind for a long time. And in the past two weeks i have finally realized it. This blog post is not meant as a guide, but as a way for future me to understand my current me’s decision processes. My plan is to publish the guides as separate posts later: 🔗 Proxying local servers with Tinc ☕+🛸=♥ Setting up a Gitea server with drone.

Random Renders NO°1


A small collection of new and older renders: Ilse Crawfords Soup Kitchen Guadelajara Benzema Wallpaper

Workroom No°2


This time i made a lot of changes to the wood material, i basically completely redid it. So this time the normal map looks a lot better. In the last material you could see the wooden fibers as structur in on the surface, which is highly unnatural for a polished surface. Then i added edgewear, so there are some fine scratches and imperfections on the edges aswell as some dust on the surface that are pointing upwards.



Okay, this time its another scene i did for the second time, but this one has a bit more story, a friend of mine smuggled me into his uni in a course were a professional showed us his photogrammetry workflow. And we got to try Reality Capture a 15.000€ piece of photogrammetry software. My friend scanned a small dragon statue he got as a present: For some reason i thought it really belonged on a table owned by a old professor, who travelled the world and got all kinds of items on his desk, he brought back from his travels.

Sketche 01


Yup, i bought a graphics tablet.





This project kind of went a little further than i first anticipated, I first thought of it just as a little 3D modelling practice. At the same time i played around in WorldMachine to create some sort of northern atlantic style Island. After i brought the House into Unreal, i simply added the island heightmap as a Landscape and went on from there. Gladly i still had a Landscape Material which i created a while ago, so i

Alpine Valley


This piece was inspired by a picture I took in 2013 on the way to Italy The scene consists of three basic Elements, the foreground, the valley and the background image. The foreground consists of some lowpoly tree models which i created party from photoscanning and partly by handmodelling. Some photoscanned rocks, centipede grass from Andrew Prices grass essentials and some plant models i created myself. As an eyecatcher i created a quick human in makehuman but didnt spend a lot of time on that as it wasnt my focus in this project.

Station B3-4 Offline


Unit B54 was dispatched to check what caused the failure, and to get the unit back on the net. His vehicle, brings him as far as the last roads go. From there on he has to use his climbing skills and his highly developed equipment to get to the station. I used world machine to generate the mountains, from wm I exported the mountains as obj file a color map