Peaks of the Balkans

Dies sind die Bilder die bei einer kurzen Reise durch den Balkan und meiner Wanderung über den "Peaks of the Balkan" Trail entstanden sind. Eigentlich wollte ich nur den Trail wandern, aber

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Erasmus Valencia

In 2022 I had the privilege of studying in Valencia for 5 months with the support of Erasmus, here are the pictures that were taken. Hiking in Chullila Valencia Harbour Dogs Botanical Landscapes

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Sestri Levante 2021

Best images from a short trip to liguria in italy This image took way to long, had to do several attempts because its really hard to get focus and exposure right when you use self-timer. But i think i

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Point de l'Isle

This is currently my absolute favourite picture. The weather was especially interesting this morning, fast clouds sometimes the sunlight breaking through forming spots of light running across the ocea

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